Fire risk assessments

across East Anglia by a company in Great Yarmouth

Securicom Services Ltd understands the importance of giving your employees, family members or tenants a safe and secure environment to work and live in. Our experienced team provides fire risk assessments to ensure you are adequately protected and in compliance with fire regulations.
A suitable and satisfactory fire risk assessment requires evaluating your current fire detection and warning systems. This incorporates the means of escape, internal structural fire protection, provision of appropriate early stage firefighting equipment, testing and maintenance regimes of equipment and fire systems and identification of the specific training needs of your staff.

Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 replaces all previous fire safety legislation. The responsibility for fire safety in all workplaces now lies firmly with the “responsible person” for the premises.

Enforcing authority for fire regulations

The enforcing authority (Fire and Rescue Service) have the responsibility for ensuring that all workplaces meet their legal obligations by visiting their premises to confirm compliance. They will check to see if a fire risk survey has been carried out.
An organisation could receive a visit for a number of reasons including following a complaint or a fire. It could simply be however that the enforcing authority is actively inspecting premises in the area. Inspections are carried out across the whole spectrum of commercial buildings, not just larger or higher risk premises.

Help with your fire risk assessment

Securicom Service Ltd provides a fire risk service across all of Norfolk and Suffolk.
If required we can supply and install a wide range of fire protection systems and equipment and we also offer a servicing and repair service for a wide range of products.
If you require our assistance, we will be happy to help. Please contact us for more information.

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