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Door entry systems

Door entry is used in many applications. One of the largest users are blocks of flats where intercoms are used to call between the main entrance door panel to a residents flat. These systems are either 2-way speech only or video entry systems where the visitor’s image is displayed on a screen integrated in to the handset in the occupier’s accommodation.

Which access control system should you choose?

With so many different types of systems and options out there, it can be quite difficult when trying to decide exactly what you need. You can relax in the hands of our expert sales team, all of whom have backgrounds as engineers, so they really do know what they are talking about.

Digital keypad entry

Coded or keypad entry is probably the most common and cost effective form of access control available today. It provides access using a numeric code, or in more sophisticated systems a personal identification number (PIN) known only to the individual.

Swipe card access systems

Swipe card access systems require persons that have access rights to a particular area to carry with them a swipe card that is drawn through a reader head to give them access.
Some of these swipe systems include numeric keypads for added security. These types of systems are becoming less popular now as proximity readers have come down in price in recent years and seem to be more reliable.

Proximity readers

Proximity readers meanwhile require the user only to wave one of many different types of devises in front of a reader. The activation device can be supplied in many forms, such as a key ring token, key fob, card, or a wrist strap or bracelet. As there are no moving parts or slots that can be tampered with, proximity systems offer the perfect reliable solution when protecting doors that allow access to property or individual rooms. They are virtually impossible to vandalise and in some cases the reader is located within the protected premises, resulting in an even greater level of physical protection.

Biometric systems

Biometric systems are possibly the most secure method of access control in a high security environment. They work by distinguishing the personal attributes of the individual using the system, using such things as voice recognition, fingerprint scanning and retinal recognition.

PC based systems

Like all security systems the key to efficient access control is good management. A system which can be programmed centrally through a standard desktop PC offers the best management solution. These systems provide the operator with an overview of the security of the building. All of the above devices and media types can be incorporated in one simple to manage system, allowing the user to print reports on those with access and those who have been into a particular area. Access to particular areas can be restricted by security level or only granted during specific time slots. Should a fire or other emergency arise an override facility can be pre-programmed to unlock all doors automatically thus ensuring the safety of all the occupants.

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