Emergency lighting supplied and

installed across Norfolk and Suffolk

Securicom Services Ltd provide emergency lighting solutions to commercial and industrial businesses including industrial units, offices, flats and hotels as well as residential homes to name but only a few.
In situations of emergency, such as power failure or electrical failure, emergency luminaries light a clear path of escape. Positioning of the emergency light as well as the type and functionality must be carefully considered. Conformity to regulations is also essential to ensure that the system installed is fit for purpose and reliable when needed in an emergency.

Legal requirements of emergency lighting

Your local authority will provide you with information on the requirements for your premises. Safety licenses are often held by local authorities for certain types of premises for places where the general public populate such as movie theatres, public houses and restaurants.

When it comes to places such as hospitals and schools, it is more than likely deemed that fire safety inspections and risk assessments will be required.

  • Other resources to consider:
  • The Fire Safety Order 2005
  • The Building Regulations 2000-2005 Edition
  • The Health & Safety (Safety Signs & Signals)
  • Regulations 1996
  • Positioning of emergency lights

    The positioning of emergency luminaries is paramount. The purpose of an emergency light is to provide illumination of escape routes in the event of an emergency and to illuminate hazards on the escape routes such as steps.
    Emergency lights are also positioned to illuminate emergency equipment such as your fire alarm control panel and fire extinguishers.
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    Protect your building and the people in it with emergency lighting installed by the experts

    Securicom Service Ltd provides a fire risk service across all of Norfolk and Suffolk.
    If required we can supply and install a wide range of fire protection systems and equipment and we also offer a servicing and repair service for a wide range of products.
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    In the event of a fire, emergency lighting and emergency luminaries play a crucial role managing emergency evacuations to allow people to get out safely. We cover all of the UK including Norfolk and Suffolk. Call us today on