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All the team at Securicom Services Ltd are proud to be able to offer a complete fire protection service that is friendly, reliable and professional. We are one of the leading fire protection installers in Norfolk and Suffolk and use only quality fire protection equipment that we know is going to stand the test of time.
Any fire protection installation requires that it’s installed and maintained by a competent company to safeguard property and life. Choosing the right fire safety installer could be the difference between life and death.

We carry out the following fire protection services:

Current fire regulations means that there is a requirement for a large proportion of the commercial and industrial industry sector to have a fire protection system covering their premises.

Emergency lighting

Having a building with emergency lighting installed is essential for the safe evacuation of people from a premises. Emergency lights assist firstly by illuminating rooms and corridors if the lighting fails or a person is unable to find the light switch, and secondly by illuminating escape route signs and firefighting equipment.

Fire risk assessment

The law states that every commercial property is to have a fire risk assessment carried out and that it’s regularly reviewed. This will identify what you need to do to prevent fire and keep people safe.

Fire extinguishers

Tackling a small fire with a fire extinguisher may make the difference between a small incident and a full scale disaster.

Extinguishers are essential for the safety of your staff and visitors. They can also help the preservation of property and ensure business continuity by not letting a small fire develop in to a major one.

Automatic smoke ventilation

Automatic smoke ventilation systems assist persons in evacuating a building by ventilating any smoke to the outside, meaning that the escape routes are clear and safe to use.

Refuge alarms

A refuge system provides two way voice communication between a refuge area and building control. In case of a fire, the fire brigade will be able to identify in which areas of a premises people are and assist with producing a rescue plan.

Fire safety from a company you can count on

If you require further information on your existing fire safety installation or if you require a free quotation for the installation of new fire protection equipment then contact Securicom Services Ltd today.

Fire protection is vital, leave it to a credible company to supply, install and maintain fire safety equipment and systems across the UK. Call Securicom Services Ltd in Great Yarmouth on