Disabled refuge alarm systems

in East Anglia

Disabled refuge alarms are specifically designed to be used in buildings that contain disabled refuge areas. These types of alarms are a safety system just like a fire alarm system and allow for the emergency services to be in continual contact with the people in the refuge areas. The equipment installed by Securicom Services Ltd complies with British standard BS5588.
Our refuge system will consist of a main panel to be used by the emergency services and a call unit in each of the refuge areas. Refuge alarms have become a legal requirement now in many new builds due to a change in legislation.

Usage of the disabled refuge alarm system

In the event of a fire, or other emergency, wheelchair-restricted people are evacuated to a designated place of safety (refuge area) by a member of staff. Staff then activate the refuge area remote unit, which lights a refuge occupied indicator on the main control panel. The building manager or fire officer is able to communicate with the occupants of the refuge areas, either on an individual basis or by using the all-call option.

Each activated disabled refuge system has an auto listening feature that monitors the activity in the refuge area. As each disabled person is moved to safety, the system can be reset via a key operated switch on the refuge area remote unit.
Securicom Services Ltd are able to design, supply, install and maintain disabled refuge alarm systems.
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